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3 steps to


how we’re

driving change

Glide is driving change in the industry by taking 3 important steps.

1. We believe in modular trainer design

2. We use transport pollution as a building block

3. We make your favourite trainers last longer

Deconstructing Your Trainer

Our mission is circular. We reuse waste. Revamp your trainers. Rotate your soles. Reimagine the footwear industry.

Step 1. We Deconstruct Your Trainer

Glide’s modular soles are the first step to making trainers seriously sustainable. Recycling trainers is causing the footwear industry a headache. The reason that it’s nearly impossible to recycle trainers is that separating a trainer’s materials takes a lot of time and energy.

GLIDE is driving change by rethinking how we can separate materials effectively so that each part ends up on the right sorting pile when (god forbid) your favourite pair of trainers eventually gets worn out. Detaching materials from the assembly without glue will allow your trainer's different parts to be upcycled to a new life. We 100% believe that modular parts are the only way forward to the future of trainers.

Hooked on achieving the most eco trainer, we decided to break further industry norms and invented a new blend of upcycled material made from transport pollution.

Step 2. We Use Transport Pollution to Build your Sole.

We are proactive about upcycling waste and started experimenting with transport pollution. When you think of transport pollution, you probably think of exhaust fumes. But as electric cars are becoming the norm, rubber pollution will be the next big hazard to look out for.

trainers can’t

be recycled

No time to waste here, rubber abrasion from shredding and melting tyres is happening fast because of global warming. This so-called ‘tyre dust’ ends up in our atmosphere and is the second highest cause of microplastics in our oceans. At Glide we created a technique to use rubber tyre dust as a core element of your step-in sole. Let’s get tyre dust out of the atmosphere and into your GLIDE sole.


tyre dust (the stuff that is assembled by grinding tyres) will soon be a higher polluter than exhaust fumes


Step 3. We Prolong your Trainer’s Lifespan by Years.

As sneaker fanatics, making trainers last is a top priority. With modular footwear engineering and finding the best sustainable material to do this with, the outcome was exactly what we wanted to achieve in the first place. Glide’s protective outer soles add life to your trainers where they need it most. Keep your favourite trainers box fresh, and longer.

It takes time and energy to separate the different materials. Glide is redefining this. We have created a removable sole that attaches onto trainers, making trainers more sustainable, stepping into the future.

Modular parts are the future of sustainable trainers. Detaching materials from the assembly without glue will allows for recycling.


transport pollution

Electric cars are taking over, new pollution is on the rise and it comes from tyres. Tyres shred while driving. This abrasion is happening faster than ever now that temperatures are rising.

This type of pollution in our atmosphere is the second highest cause of microplastics in our oceans. We upcycle this into our soles.


nascar scrape their tyres once a week - the gummy goo then gets thrown away