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the technical
side of things

With modern technology and precision engineering, GLIDE sculpted a groundbreaking sole from transport pollution to customise your sneakers. The removable sole is built to be so efficient that it attaches with a stomp and is removable with a snap

Street certified in
Hackney, London
Sustainable 'Phantom bonding'
for the recycling
process for
separate materials
Made-to-order Made-to-order
made with
40%+ upcycle
tyre rubber
Each pair
is unique
Exclusively Hand-made
in Hackney, London
Designed to
Protect your
trainers wear
and tear

tyre dust (the particles that are formed from driving vehicles) will soon be a higher polluter than exhaust fumes

the no. 9 london bus sheds 65g of tyre dust daily.

22 billion pairs of shoes are dumped into landfill each year.

glide soles make your trainers last years longer.

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